We are a 20 year-old human rights organization dedicated to advancing social equity and strengthening the voice of underrepresented communities in public policy decision-making to reduce poverty and improve quality of life for all.
We work to support low-income communities and communities of color’s civic engagement and leadership development, which in Marin means that our efforts are focused on approximately 40,000 families, most of them living in Marin City, Canal, and South Novato neighborhoods.
Our Vision
Marin will be an inclusive and equitable county where historically marginalized groups have equal voice in public policy decisions and have the same opportunities as other members of the County to thrive, be healthy, and live in a sustainable, vibrant community.
Our Goal
Increase the participation of underrepresented communities in policy-making to promote equitable, healthy, and sustainable communities, through:
  • Mobilizing organizations to collaborate in advancing initiatives and policy agendas that promote equitable communities; and
  • Promoting education and capacity building of community-based organizations and coalitions on policy change, civic engagement, and leadership development.